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Lucky's BLOG. Get up to date information

Saturday Closures for August and Sept 2016

by Angela on 07/26/16

Attention!! August and September I will only be open 2 Saturdays per month!!
We will be open Saturday August 6th and the 20th. Closed the 13th and the 27th.
September we will be open Saturday September 10th and the 24th closed the 3rd and the 17th.

4th of July weekend - Closed

by Angela on 06/30/16

We will be closed starting at 3pm Friday July 1st resuming normal hours Wednesday July 6th. Please keep you and your pets safe!!

Closed Saturday June 18th.

by Angela on 06/15/16

I will be closed this Saturday June 18th. 

Dangers of Kennel Drying

by Angela on 06/01/16

When I started grooming, I had already made the decision that Kennel Drying would not happen at Lucky's. Even though I have wire open air kennels and no heat dryers, I could not handle the thought of a dog over heating into a heat stroke! Could you imagine dying that way. Even though there are several articles that drying in this manner heats up to 75 - 80 degrees, still seems a little to hot for my taste.I have found those who fight this fight are groomers, groomers who are treating dogs like a number. The only real benefit to kennel drying is time. Groomers can get more dogs done in a day. One groomer even suggested it is a good quiet time out for the dog to relax - Really, keep convincing yourself of that. Now if you have a groomer that kennel drys in an enclosed kennel the temperature goes up to over 175 degrees within 5 minutes using a so called no heat dryer. Lets say they are using an enclosed stainless steel kennel, the heat goes up to over 225 degrees within 5 minutes in some cases over 400 degrees.
I personally do not agree with kennel drying. Yes, there are some dogs I can not get fully dry with hand drying, generally it is because they are not used to it. I have not had one customer complaint when I explain I will work with their pet with empathy and patients. They would much rather hear that than getting an emergency call that their pet is having a heat stroke.

We will be closed Saturday June 4th

by Angela on 06/01/16

Please come out and support West Valley Human Society with us!! Saturday June 4th from 11am to 7pm!! 

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At this time these are our hours. I will have extended hours in the near future with hopes of being open 7 days a week!! 

We are no longer located in Fruitland Id
We are no longer located in Fruitland Idaho